Our History

The Beginning of Something Sweet

Corniche is a global brand with passion for snack and confectionary at its heart. The story of Corniche all began when founder Mr.Wong was driving along the majestic corniche of the Middle East in his younger days. One day, while coasting along the side of the cliff and looking out into the blue oceans, Mr. Wong was inspired to create his very first business, one that would give pure joy and fun to his customers. His brand would speak of a uniquely beautiful experience -- with every bite. Thus, he chose the unique name Corniche in honor of the majestic Arabian corniche where he had first conceived his business idea. In 2006, the snack and confectionary brand Corniche was born. Furthermore, seeing children and their families happily having meals together inspired Mr.Wong to create his first business towards the snack and confectionary line.

The Journey to Sweet Success

Soft, light, chewy, marshmallow is a confection made from corn syrup, sugar and gelatin. In the beginning, it was a struggle for Corniche to penetrate the market. Supermarkets in Singapore were already filled with a variety of better-known marshmallow and snack brands. The company then decided to bring the brand to foreign markets, but this was not an easy road to take either. Quite a contrast to the softness of marshmallow is the company’s strong will to accomplish its mission of bringing joy and fun to people with flavourful snacks. Finally, Corniche Marshmallow was accepted in the China market and it was not long before Corniche eventually entered other foreign markets, in both Eastern and Western countries. The Corniche brand expanded rapidly within a few years of its introduction.

Corniche Today: A Continuing Passion to Make People Smile

Today, Corniche is one of the fastest growing confection and snack brands in the Asian market. Its famed marshmallow is sought-after for being less sweet and fat-free.

Corniche has now expanded its product line to include Pudding, Kaya, Chocolates and Biscuits, to Curry and Hainanese Chicken sauces that liven up home cooking. The company’s unwavering standards for product safety and excellence have met their global consumers’ approval, even if this means constantly doing better than best.

The road ahead for this confection and snack brand will lead to endless horizons. Looking back to the early years of Corniche, Mr.Wong knows that sweet things come to those who persevere.