Discover The Corniche Family


She is smart, confident and multi-talented. She knows exactly what to do and when to do it in a systematic way. However, she is not really a risk-taker. Rather, she takes every step with caution. Behind her bright eyes and beautiful smile, Megan has faced many unpredictable events in her life that forced her out of her comfort zone so she could adapt to new challenges. Don’t let this cute and soft face fool you; for beneath it is a tough iron lady you definitely don’t want to mess with!


Our little white hero, Mega has a big heart. He may be in a foul mood often times; he is also a little naïve and has a curiosity about the world outside that can’t be sapped. Extremely cute, but Mega’s IQ isn’t too high. That’s okay; he is one humble soul who is willing to learn. One of his favorite hobbies is to stand on his head. He does this so well! His curiosity and clumsiness gets him and Megan into trouble all the time. But hey! He has a caring heart when it matters most.

Mr. Nutty

He comes with a funny name, but hey, Mr. Nutty is the life of the party! With his wicked sense of humour and his free-spirited disposition, Mr. Nutty can turn boredom away, instantly! He can speak a mile a minute with a lot of sense, an intellectual who loves mingling in the crowd, and the crowd loves him back! What a natural party animal, an engaging Mr. Chatter Box! That’s Mr. Nutty for you – only a mouthful of crunchy Corniche Peanuts stuffed in his mouth can delightfully keep him from chattering away!