International Trade Fair: Japan Foodex 2015

From the beautiful cosmopolitan desert megalopolis of Dubai, Corniche sets a journey towards Asia and brings greater fun to food lovers in the island nation of Japan.

At the Japan Foodex, the much-celebrated and highly anticipated, biggest Food Fair and Trade Show in Asia, Corniche captivated hearts of food lovers who had a penchant for great taste and happy snack times.

Attendees, exhibitors, and customers fell in love with the Nanyang Nyonya Kaya for its flavourful taste that tickles the palate. Japanese customers, known for fondness over cute anime, were also delighted over the Assorted Teddy Marshmallows which to them were as cute as their anime dolls and super heroes!

Adventure and fun begins with every bag of Corniche for avid guests at the Japan Foodex 2015!