2016 Children’s Day in China

2016 Guangzhou, China

Date :30th May (Tuesday) to 5th June (Sun)

Venue :Grandbuy Supermarket, Guangzhou China

2016 Corniche’s first Children’s Day “Welcome to Corniche Kingdom” comes to a beautiful close!

Beautiful memories were created between families and their kids during Corniche’s Children Day events that was held for seven days.

With modern times demanding the most of both adults and children, it is not easy to keep up with the fast tempo of life. While adults are busy at work, children are occupied with various enrichment classes such as tuition, piano, arts, computing and other exhausting activities. Hence, Corniche took the opportunity during Children’s Day to create the Corniche’s Marshmallow Kingdom for the kids in Guangzhou. This platform allowed the children to be imaginative in creating new flavours using the marshmallows and also to explore the kingdom together with their parents! On the day of the event, the site was filled with parents and children of all ages! Corniche is humbled to have receive very positive response from the event-goers!

Corniche’s Marshmallow beloved and fun-loving mascots, Mega and Megan, made an appearance during the event day! Corniche staff made balloons gave away presents and took photographs with the parents and kids as memories for them! Corniche also taught everyone different ways to enjoy Corniche’s Marshmallows! The Marshmallows is not just a simple sweet snack on its own, it can be toasted, slightly burnt, and it goes well with other assorted sweets! The parents were delighted to learnt about these new ways to enjoy marshmallows! This would certainly encourage them to spend more time with their children while having Corniche’s Marshmallows!

Corniche’s Marshmallow Kingdom with the aim of fostering closer family ties was a huge success!

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